The Islamic Center of Greensboro

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 The Islamic Center of Greensboro
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The Islamic Center of Greensboro was formed in March of 1994 at its original Murrow Boulevard location, beginning with a very small group of Muslims, having only 4 people gather for the first Jumu’ah service. The weekly attendance grew to 150+ per week and in June of 1997 ICG relocated to Patterson Street. Attendance reached 300+ per week before moving in June of 2000 to the newly built masjid at 16th Street, where today we happily greet 450+ Muslims per week for Jumu’ah services and hope to see that number rise insha’Allah as more people find out about ICG. We are already making plans to insha’Allah expand our facility further to accomodate our rapidly growing ummah, Alhamdulillah!